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Reactor Service Bus utilizes a centralized message broker to deliver messages to participating endpoints. While de-centralizing the delivery of messages is desirable to some, the benefits of using a high performance, feature rich broker is the mainstay of messaging in many high throughput scenarios like the processes found in investment banking.

Fuse Message Broker

The Fuse Message Broker* project is an open source messaging broker with an astounding feature set and proven performance. It is in use in some of the worlds largest banks and think tanks. A few compelling benefits are:

  • High Performance
  • Full support for Enterprise Integration Patterns (version 5 onward)
  • Variety of cross platform interoperability
  • Reliability
  • High availability
  • Full support of JMS 1.1

* -

Fuse Message Broker delivers large amounts of data efficiently and reliably. Performance testing has shown that Fuse Message Broker exhibits the highest performance of any open source messaging platform, and has clustering and failover to ensure high availability.

Fuse Message Broker supports JMS 1.1 and many integration-related standards including JDBC, JCA, and EJBs; dependent specifications such as JTA and JNDI; as well as AJAX, REST, HTTP, TCP, SSL, NIO, UDP, multicast, JGroups and JXTA transport protocols.

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